Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I listed my Holga on ebay today.

I sold my Holga on ebay today.

Yay. Except I am in debt that's ok but the credit card company are ringing for money. I am awaiting the thugs to turn up on the doorstep.

AN I find a copy that I like (Hence this entry in the film blog. Yes, its a lecia copy , but damn it it was made in 1954 in the USSR.) I want it. I am sellign almost al my cameras to buy it. Alas no one want my digital cameras. I think the ilford sprite will be next. mint condition.. I got it from lightleaks store.

Do you think I should? The box is ratty but the camera is a new as an old camera can be. I have the instructions even. I dunno.

It looks like I will have to sell everything (Including computers) except my russian lovelies.

Anyway Bye bye Holga. Only used you for two rolls but we never bonded. I am sure your new owner will enjoy your charms I am sorry it didn't work out.

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