Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something Is Irritating Me

I have been keeping an eye on sale of ancient cameras, not always to buy just to see what things are worth. I have become very familiar with seller's language and I am getting very annoyed with some on the excuses for not giving a full description.

My pet hate is "I have no way of testing this"
Well yeah you do. Press the shutter doofus. It should click. I don't expect you to know if it works correctly but I need to now if it goes click. Or put the camera on bulb and push the shutter button . The shutter should open and stay open this is a good indication that at least it opens.
I don't mind them saying "not film tested" because if you sell a lot of cameras, who can afford the film and some film is just not available. (read 124 film)
1904 ( or any date> camera blah blah patent dates say...
well no. Patient dates tell you the time if cannot be. If it has a 1914 patient, the camera was produced AFTER this date. It does not date the camera itself. It could be a 1954 camera with a patient of 1914. Tis is misrepresenting the item.
good condition or excellent condition for it's age missing lens or rear cover
this is not good or even excellent condition. You can find 90 year old almost perfect examples. Your camera missing buts is NOT acceptable to call excellent. Do research and price accordingly and buyers don't care of you great granny bought it in 1920 during a snowstorm.
buy it now $70 not working sorry but anything that is not working is not worth a high price. Again do research. Cameras are not worth money. If it doesn't work it's essentially kitch trash.

There you have it. My gripe list for today.

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