Saturday, May 21, 2011

I developed a film

My son shot a film in black and white a little while ago. I wanted to try this recipe from the Internet (You tube) using Caffenol. I had picked up the fixer that I needed and used the last of my cash on a bottle of vitamin C tablets.

Setting up

SO I had written the instructions out and studied them. I basically had it in my head except the amounts. Which was on my notes. SO I practised putting a film on the reel and found I am conpletely unable to do it in the film changing bag BUT could do it with my eyes closed when not in the bag so I headed for my bedroom and did what I do to un-jam a film in my box cameras. AND I did it first go. SWEET. Put the cannister together and returned to the kitchen to start the brew.

The brew. Caffenol

Easy and enjoyable. The washing soda made the coffee smell horrible. :-( But thats a vital part. I found the Vitamin C didn't dissolve so I crushed one. Hmm I need to find vitamin C powder. tablets dont cut it or maybe I need two tablets.. **DAMN!! NOW I remember I needed 1000mg GRR** Need to edit my recipe.

ANYWAY I set up an interval training program to talk to me every minute for 20 minutes and I settled in to the routine. It was quite relaxing sort of like cooking but for once I will not burn the food.. :-)  A small disaster when the chocolate bear I bit into took final revenge, dropping and huge piece into my coffee splashing the Caffenol and getting chocolate and bear in the developer. **Sigh** OK Not midnight snacks when making developer.  **edits recipe**

Chocolate bear that attacked my coffee & caffenol

It was very exciting when I got to the final washing stage and it was with fingers crossed that opened the tank. At first the film looked all blank, but as I unrolled it, imaged appeared. OK Not well developed, I need either more developing time or more Vit C. Still I got images!!!! First go Images!!! :-)

I'm such a proud Mama. More development time next time for this filmSo I count it as a success.


I can't wait to scan them tomorrow.

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