Friday, September 13, 2013

Its been a while

But I have been stil using film, just not as often as I want. :-(
I have been learning a new job, David moved away for his job, then I have been going to funerals, sickness in family and now I have been sick for over a week. My Sickness is Viral Laryngitis so, due to the nature of my job, I can't work. BUT my limbs are fine, so I have been inspired to play with pinholes again to fill in the hours.
OF course Wagga and Junee have no film developing place so I have to wait until my return to work to get to Redfern to have then developed or see if my E-6 chemicals are still good 10 months on. (I Hope so)

In the mean time, I saw this amazing Pinhole from an Agfa Clack on flickr. The Artist is Phot Orel

ag I have discovered two of my pinholes are winding on incorrectly BUT David's new house has a dark room! Well he calls it a walkin robe but it has the right level shelves an next to a bathroom, so it screams DARKROOM to me. :-)

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  1. Welcome back......That closet SCREAMS darkroom to me too! I built a darkroom in a closet once and had to run water lines from the bathroom. But it was well worth it.