Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Zero Image Instructions

I have many zero cameras and two didn't have instructions. I contacted the zero Image company and told them the serial number of the two cameras that need an instruction booklet. I received a "We cant help you" email as I wasn't the original owner. Not I have spent lots of money on these camera so this rubbed me the wrong way. OK So I bought two second hand. Seriously? All the others I bought from their own web site and hence YES I feel entitled to some customer service.

SO in protest. Below find a copy of all the instrcions I have got or managed to find on the internet. Use in good health (I would have paid the $10  for a reprint but I was rebuffed. Its one damned page FFS. A pdf would be better and FREE. )

This is My 6X6 camera

The 6X9 Manual is a pdf from Lomography and saved me once.(couldn't remember the holes)

AND The manual for the Zero 25+1+1
:-) I hope this helps and if I find others I'll post them too.

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