Monday, December 2, 2013

Been busy

but alas not with film too much. As always work has taken 90% of my life and the other 10% is spent on the highway going to and from Junee. STILL! I have been using a Mamiya 645 whilst in the country. BUT nothing processed. I need to drop of films off as I cant develop all the films I have outstanding. UGH

Make hay whilst the sun shines
It has been harvest season in Junee with the farmers stressed about the rain that Junee didn't get. SYdney got hit hard in October and November. Junee was lucky.

Hopefully film shots next update!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Zero Image Instructions

I have many zero cameras and two didn't have instructions. I contacted the zero Image company and told them the serial number of the two cameras that need an instruction booklet. I received a "We cant help you" email as I wasn't the original owner. Not I have spent lots of money on these camera so this rubbed me the wrong way. OK So I bought two second hand. Seriously? All the others I bought from their own web site and hence YES I feel entitled to some customer service.

SO in protest. Below find a copy of all the instrcions I have got or managed to find on the internet. Use in good health (I would have paid the $10  for a reprint but I was rebuffed. Its one damned page FFS. A pdf would be better and FREE. )

This is My 6X6 camera

The 6X9 Manual is a pdf from Lomography and saved me once.(couldn't remember the holes)

AND The manual for the Zero 25+1+1
:-) I hope this helps and if I find others I'll post them too.