Thursday, January 27, 2011

Follow Up

So Vision Image Lab finally opened. I had used ip the redbird film, walked around the blog a few times and even had to beg the cafe to use the toilet without buying anything.
I talked to the man about the Ilford film and asked why it was such an issue to get processed. He didn't know, he looked at it and said it was an ordinary B&W film. As I had finished the Chrome slide film in the Lubitel, I dropped that off too. I want to see if the issues I am having getting colour from this film, it X-ray or processing. Now this time it is being processed in e-6. IF I get green again, then it is X-ray damage. IF it works out fine, then it is processing issues. Time will tell. This roll is from the same box as the other two and had been treated in the same way. Even using the same camera. The only change is the processing from c-41 to E-6. Fingers crossed.
He said it would be $24.95, a little more expensive than the Campbelltown place but I get more services here. It is just a shame that they are so random in hours and so far from public transport. I did find the Metro 20 goes past the end of the street......

On the way to work, as I had missed the early train (See normal blog) I walked up to David Wilson Chemist to drop off the Redbird. Why did I not drop it at the place in waterloo?? At $10-$14 per film, I would like to stick with $5 for 'ordinary' film. I had asked the guy at the specialist place as to whether it needed special treatment or if it would be a problem for a photo lab, and he said no, it was an ordinary C-41 process so they would (Should) have no problem. OK... I get to pick it up tomorrow. I hope...
The Ilford will be ready on Monday, well friday at 1600, but Monday will do.

In the meantime, a few from my Hipstamatic wander of Newtown and waterloo

I Have Always Depended On The Kindness Of Strangers
Sign In Dunks St
Hmm tired this sign makes sense. Now, not tired I have no idea what it means.

Add In Enmore Road
Newtown StationNewtown Station

in other News the long await Diana F arrived. Yes not a copy or a clone but an real honest to goodness Diana from the 1960s or so, Happy? Damned straight.
I cleaned her up, inserted a film and then sticky taped her together. Yes this camera is true to its age, she doesn't stay in one piece. I was forearmed as my Lubitel doesn't stay in one piece either. LOL

An original Diana F
Diana F instruction booklet
All taped up & ready

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