Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A new developer maybe

As David Wilson cannot or will not develop my B&W film, and i have doubts that they will do my redbird film, i am on the hunt for a new film place. Trouble is Campbelltown is still the best for value.
So I am trying vision( um forgotten the name) in Waterloo. They advertise B&W development for $15. Ok that is $10 more than Campbelltown, but as they will not touch the film, i have little choice. I have seen much more expensive.
Troublesome film
Well as they open at 0800 and I finish work a 0530, i have to hang around the 2.5 hrs... I was exhausted when i finished work, but seem ok ATM. I remembered that a Macdonalds was not far from the place i must go to. I haunted Newtown for an little while and finished the 3 frames on my Lubitel. I was hoping to finish my redbird film but alas it keeps going and going. I actually prefer the medium format at 12 frames. 36 exposures seem to go on forever and I like to change, and I think this is a digital habit. I don't remember being this impatient when i used a minolta.

I think a lot of my Newtown shots will be underexposed as i had misplaced the flash sync cable for the non hot shoe cameras. Grr of course I found it when i sat down at Maccas. Always the way. Shame as I wanted to shoot the anti-burka mural in Newtown that has been causing so many problems. the really stupid part of ts mural is the free speech graffiti around the corner.

I was going to put the Lomo brand red scale film in the Lubitel, but i would prefer normal colour. This camera is a joy to use. It really is. I just don't have enough medium format film. ::sigh:: maybe I should as I do not see that I will be using it on my holiday.

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