Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hmm I bailed and therefore failed

My big plan was to take my spinner, Sprocket Rocket and Cmena 8M On a trip on the harbour to take films of the water and the city.
I also had the Canon film camera. First sign of trouble was the film camera disagreed with the trip and had a flat battery so I placed it in the car.
By the time my shift had ended the trip was off to I hightailed it home.

No photos were taken, a few in the signal box, but none other than that.

The other issue was I had a Black and White film made by Ilford SFX ISO 200 in for developing. It came back with a note. We do not process Black and white film. WTF? Since when? ARRGGHH

I read the box from the other roll of this film that I have and it states 740 (units whatever) which is an Infrared unit of measurement. Hmm Did I accidentally put an infrared film into my camera? On no.. that means it was not kept in the subdued light that it should have been....

Hmm Now I am floundering around trying to find a place that will process this film. Any ideas?

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