Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini update

The only photography i have done over the weekend was shooting inside with the TIM135 and the colorsplash flash. I dunno if they will workout, and really it doesn't matter. :-) was just photos of the boys lounging in my lounge room.

Today, Monday, brought a pin hole cap for my canon, it will fit all my canons and i was so excited that i set up the camera on a tripod and set a 30 minute exposure.
Trouble is, i had forgotten the cf card. D'OH!!

Pin hole cap

I had run out of time and so did a shorter, 7 min exposure. Alas i did not have time to see what had arisen from that shoot.

When I get a better idea of exposure times, I will use it on my film canon.

Damn work for getting in the way of experimentation..

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