Friday, January 21, 2011

Out and about with toys

I went out with a friend and David for Dinner, and I wanted to use the TIM135 and the super sampler. Of course the super sampler is supposed to be used outside, so the photos taken in the restaurant will probablyNOT  work out but it was fun. Tim met TIM135 and played with him for a while but we failed to use up the roll. Bum.
eye Montage
This is the sort of phtoos we were trying to achieve.

David and I took the Granville train and I played with Смена and her B&W film. She was nearing the end of her roll. I finised that roll and Granville station and was going to re-wind the film, when it occured to me that she does not have a re-wind facility. This model uses a take of canister and it was only when I read my notes about taping the end of the film to the take up canister that I remembered. Grump. No newfilm until I could find a way to take the two canisters out and manually re-winding the film. Hmm

I loked around work and rememnered that my locker room has no windows. Perfect. SO I dismantled my camera in the middle of the locker room. I am grateful that Catherine did not need to come in or the film would have been toast. Daid has suggested that our bedroom would have been good too but there is too many places to lose bits and pieces.
Смена  8
As per usual with this camera, my desk was littlered with bits and pieces of camera innards

So Lets see what the B&W film brings....

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