Friday, January 7, 2011

OK lets start

I have got three rolls of film waiting for a trip to the chemist. The trouble is, I am not able to get there in business hours and as my film needs special attention i.e. NOT cutting the roll and the sprockets being exposed as well, I need to talk to the ladies who work there. Hmmm

Anyway I have acquired, a fridge filled with film, (hmm) a Holga Tim 135, with flash, a Smena 8M and Smena 8, a Spinner 360 and a Sprocket rocket.
Fabian loves the sprocket rocket and the spinner and I admit that these are the most fun, but use the most film...
Cold Day7
I hope to get to the developers next week maybe the way home from work. Fingers Crossed.

I now have two camera bags, my normal digital one, that I will still carry everywhere on holidays and now a stripey analogue bag.. Sigh. I am hopeless. I take so much with me

Meet TimTim & flashSquee!! My first soviet camera. So excitedIn the box from lomography.comHuzzah!!

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