Sunday, January 9, 2011

OO exciting news

Smena looks chirpy in get new legs & arm

Most exciting news of the day was the cheap chemist will scan my negs to CD for $5.65 each. This is mega cheap. I am not complaining. Alas I did not take the negs to work so will have to drop them off tomorrow. :-( But YAY for the local pace being able to do it. :-) Very exciting. I am basically a pessimist so I bet they will not be able to scan the sprockets. :-( This will bum me out as the sprockets are the point.

Lomography haul

Part 1 of a film haulA load of film and cameras from a mystery bag from the Lomography store came in a huge box. The cameras were a little disappointing, nothing I needed. Only one was mildly interesting. Shane offered to buy some off me, but would his kids find a use for them? One is a Pin hole camera that take ages to make a photo. Hmm maybe I should play with this one...I dunno. I like my 1940-1970 russian cameras. The funny thing is a russian camera came, a panorama one sealed in a box from russia. I didn't break the seals as I have not use for a panorama camera, Maybe ebay???

Sealed horizon kompactMildly interestingPop 9 gold editionA lomo samplerDiana pin hole camera

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