Sunday, January 16, 2011

So I FINALLY got my SPinner and Sprocket Rocket Photos..

David took me out to buy a scanner for my Spinner photos. As we were out and about (you can read about the shopping trip on my usual blog) David dropped me at the Chemist that does my films, and the lady was very apologetic as she could not scan the sprockets. She had tried and the other ladies had too but the machine they use for scanning, does not allow the use of rubber bands or such things
SO I dropped off a medium format and Klick 24 exposure film. The lady on was only a casual and explained that she could not do my medium and would have to leave it to the week day ladies as she had never seen one and don't know how to do it. Fair enough. Least she was honest. I arranged to pick up my Klick in an hour and took my spinner negs home.

David managed a huge discount on a canoscan 9000f Scanner and we installed it. I of course scanned the Spinner negs first. A steep learning curve.

Below are the results of my home scanning. I am on the whole very happy. Disappointed with the Sprocket rocket though. I can't get the exposures right.

Spinner 360
Me and the ARHS NYE Train at Tarago

Shane, me and His kids

Sprocket Rocket

Sprocket Rocket Photo of ARHS NYE Train
This is the only really good photo from the sprocket roll

Razorback though this was not too bad after some manipulation

Cmena 8M's roll which was the Klick Max ISO200 film. Expired

Roll one With Cmena8M Roll one With Cmena8M Roll one With Cmena8M Roll1 from Cmena8M

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