Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the adventures on Cmena and a new friend Lubitel 166B

My trip to work on night shift requires me to get a rain that is actually and hour too early and hence I have an hour to kill before entering the place of employment. I took Cmena with me and though maybe we could play together.

I set her up near the NAB on Marrickville RD and fiddled with her legs. To get the angle I wanted, I tugged a little too hard and snapped my wee tripod at the base. GRR. Ok I perched Cmena precariously on the now broken tripod, and pressed the shutter. Some people walked past and giggle at me and my little Cmena. Oh how they scoff and me old lady. :-( She took it well and stayed put. I think she was just too busy to pay the young people much attention. (Her real name is Cmena)
Of course had I been using my canon 7D and a big tripod I am sure the police would have been called. Hmm Modern life suxs in that respect.
I wandered further up the road and we took another shot, this time Cmena leaned on her broken legs.

Marrickville Rd
iPhone version of my Cmena Shot
Marrickville Rd
iPhone version of Cmena play time
Campbelltown Station 6amishI eventually returned to my place of employment and asked just as a whim if anyone had super glue. YES I heard from the front.. REALLY?? Who carried super glue in their bags?? (Maybe I should) A colleague lent me some glue and Cmena's legs were all fixed. Maybe for the better.
I started work and CMena snoozed on me desk. The occasional admiring person fondled her and she took this in her stride. She is getting used to the attention.
Home time arrived and I got a lift to Campbelltown

Cmena and I played int he early morning sun, whilst I awaited the train. I am trying to use up her roll but she just keeps finding more film. I was going to drop off her roll whilst I pick up the other rolls but alas this will have to wait until Saturday now. AWW :-( We did double exposures this morning. Even found a sunflower and a purple flower to smell. :-)


My entry to the world of medium format will start this weekend as my Lubitel 166B arrived I ordered him BEFORE Smena and so it took a LONG time to come from the Ukraine. I know when I posted something in St Petersburg, it arrived 6mths AFTER I had arrived back from Russia. I Hope I can manage his film, I need to load it in subdued light and make sure I seal any used film tightly to avoid light leaks.

Excited all over again. Now who comes to work tonight? Cmena who nestles nicely in my work bag or Lub who will need extra attention.. Maybe I can smuggle both with me? Lub has only 160ISO film in him, I did have 800, but I wanted black and white for his first roll.

Maybe he should rest from his journey and we can play on in the city on Monday.. Thoughts?
I hope the tripod repairs work.

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