Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So I picked up film from vision images

Sunday was a non shooting day, least for the most part. I did get the Lubitel 166b out for some sunrise photos, after using exposure app to see what i was doing wrong. Ah.... Yes.. Well never mind the main issue is this time is the 100ISO 

Tim's moth using moremono

MONDAY was a different kettle of fish... Tim was flying a 1940 tiger moth and as i have a great soft spot for these old ladies, i was no going to miss this shooting opportunity. Alas my digital camera had other ideas.. The sandisk CF card in the camera lost it's directory structure and hence my photos went missing. Thank goodness for husbands. He retrieved them all except the movies of the plane taking off. Well, disappointing but cannot be helped. ANYWAY I had packed the Lubitel, the Diana F, the sprocket Rocket, and the TIM135.. phew!! All had half rolls that needed to be finished off..i finished all the rolls off except the Sprocket Rocket. The Diana F developed a film jamming issue at exposure 15 & 16, and I had to be forceful in making the film roll forwards. When i took the roll out, it was not sitting properly and looked fat so the tension had slackened off. Something to look at next roll. I'll see how this roll went first. I immediately put it in one of my handmade canisters. (yay for husbands again) 
New film arrived along with the flash adapter for the Diana.  It doesnt seem to fit, this camera may just be too old for such nonsense.
I may retire this camera,if the roll doesn't work out. TBA. She is more of a museum piece anyway.

Tuesday saw me back a work (boo) but this meant i was close to Vision Images. Good, I'll get the films. I was really looking forwards to getting my Ilford SFX film back. I even found a park out the front. Yay!! The filwere waiting. So i grabbed them greedily and had a peak. The Ilford was brilliant!!  It was shot in the Cmena 8 camera, its first roll, and i love the photos. I am very glad that i let the specialists handle this film. 
The other film was the troublesome Lomo X-pro slide film. I had a box of three roll and the previous two had been extremely disappointing. The film got great reviews and all I got was odd colours and lines. So my theory was my filwas damaged in the shipping (x-rays) this roll, the last in the box was my test roll. Was it really shipping damage or poor processing. 
The answer???
poor processing. This roll was advertised as being able to be processed in C-41 and E-6. Lies. The specialist, processed it lovingly in the dipping process in E-6 chemicals. They explained to me that my issues may be 1. Incorrect chemicals, cross processing is all very nice but not is you want colour. True colours. And 2. The rollers at the other place may be damaging the film as it goes through. Both seem plausible as all the other films has a streak through the films. Different cameras and all have streaks. Hmm trouble is for me now, this place charges $8.95 for a medium format, but a whopping $14.95 for a 35mm. 
I will certainly be sending my medium format to them in future, the films are worth $10 per roll anyway and so they deserve the dipping process and care that they get at vision images, but my 35mm for the most part (ILFORD SFX being an exception) are not worth than a few dollars. On the other hand I don't want all the films ruined by a streak. 

Anyway below are some photos from both films processed at Vision Images

VillawoodDavid and Train SeatsLeumeah Station

La PerouseLa PerouseCape Banks

TrainBare IslandSS Minmi

Greek School in KingsgroveSunriseRoo sign at Sunrise

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