Thursday, February 3, 2011

Film film arrived in the mail

I was flat out today cleaning, or attempting to clean the house. This is an impossible task, i am aware.

Yesterday i picked up my film from the Tim135 and in the mail today was the films from the Diana F and the red scale from the Lubitel.

All films were interesting. Not always a success but interesting. I have now discovered that the Diana F does not wind on properly and so you get double exposures or two exposures limked together. I did like the results. It is certainly random.

the TIM135 takes great photos esp with ISO 400 as with all tHese sorts of cameras, you need ISO 400 or higher. So I had low expectations for the Redscale which was ISO 100. as you can see below, not too bad.. Its not a film that I think the diana can handle.. Maybe the Lubitel 2 which is stuck on Bulb. :-)

The Lubitel 2 is an interesting camera, mine dates from 1959 to 1965, it is number 71xxx can't remember out if over 2 million made. It is stuck on Bulb but otherwise works fine. :-) a night camera for sure as these were made with a tripod mount.

Redscale film from
1940 Tiger Moth with Tim1940 Tiger MothTrying the Lomo Redscale film

Diana F roll ( Lomo ISO 800)
David at Kirkham HeightsMy Mother on the phone

1940 Tiger Moth & an albatross

TIM 135

Druey and Ben
Glenfield stationBarrack Tower

And the mini isn't it cute!?
Diana love is in the air mini

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