Friday, March 11, 2011

OK Back from my road trip.

Slowly I am uploading films from the trip.

I was disappointed in the Supersampler, it seems to keep the last shutter open too long causing overexposure :-(
shame because some cute photos were ruined
Super sampler

Super sampler

I was happy with the February Fish eye challenge. And I was thrilled with one photo of David diving into the pool :-) I would love to do this sort of challenge again.

Any Ideas for april?

Fish Eye February

Fish Eye February

Fish Eye February

and of course my favourite
Fish Eye February

A lot of my lomo photos are at my Lomohome and of course, FLickr

I have a little pamphlet I wrote on the lighthouses on our trip this past week, so if you like lighthouses have a browse. There is also a photo magazine.

Lighthouses of Western Victoria
Some of the more beautiful lighthouses in the state of Victoria stand along the Great Ocean Road. I take you on my road trip to visit this lovely ladies who keep ships safe from harm. I have included as much detail about each lighthouse as I possibly can.

Sydney Harbour and Surrounds
Sydney's pride and joy is its harbour. For me, I delight in riding the ferries and shooting what passes me by. Join my in my excusions through the past summer on the harbour of 2011

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