Monday, March 14, 2011

Squee New Fed Micron

This camera is a 3rd model (was made from 1968 through 1986) of FED Micron.

The early (1967), 1st model was nearly identical to the Konica EYE half-frame camera of the same period.

While the original model was nearly identical to the Konica Eye, the model III evolved to show a few small differences. For example, while the earlier models had a hinged film door, this version has a removable back.
The camera in this lot was bought in April,1975 (according to receipt).

General and technical characteristics

This is a half frame viewfinder camera with manual override.

Focusing is by distance scale on the lens or symbols in the viewfinder.

Shutter speeds are visible in the viewfinder as is a parallax frame for close-ups.

Camera has shutter priority auto-exposure controlled by a selenium meter around the lens.

The lens is a Helios-89 30mm/f1.9. Shutter speeds of B, 1/30 - 1/800.

Film speeds use the Soviet system (16 - 250).

The built-in selenium meter also sets the shutter speed and the f-stop in a programmed exposure mode.

At 1/30 the f-stop is f1.9; at 1/800 the f-stop is f16.

For flash use, the apertures can be set manually with a 1/30 shutter.

There is also a B setting for the shutter which sets the aperture at f1.9 -- great for night shots.

In low-light conditions a red flag covers up the shutter speeds and prevents exposure -- nice touches.

Film Size: 35mm
Image Size: 24x18mm
Normal lens:Helios-89 30mm f1.9
Lens Mount: fixed
Filter size: M46X.075
Typical serial no: 7500742

That was the add a few months ago and to decided to buy it. Alas it took ages to arrive. I only arrived today. Thats almost 2 months.
Still I quite like these little halfframe cameras. I hope the ad it right and the selenium meter does work. The aperture selection is odd and difficult to know what you have selected. The instruction book is in Russian as you would expect but on the whole a nicve piece.

My Chayka is a delight to use to I hope this one lives up to its companion in service.

The Diana mini, the great disappointment, has been exchanged and I have no opened the camera. After using the little but heavy steel construction russian cameras I really don't wanna try the plastic badly made chinese camera. My delight in Lomo is lessened witht he failure of the Supersampler. I have a few old cameras, all made in russia and two from germany and they are all better in quality than the Lomo branded items.

My little chayka with flash

So I have returrn the Diana Mini, Sold I hope the supersampler or I'll give it away, I'll keep the Diana love edition  (Its pretty) and the Old 1960s Diana F sell the Holga and stick to my Beloved Russian Cameras with a few exeptions. I do want a cat camera....

I know I can buy it from Four corners Dark I just hope stock stays until I can afford one.. lol Silly but cute.

Finally joined One roll one Month, the web site is horrible but the people are lovely. :-)

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