Friday, April 1, 2011

From my diary..thoughts on the past few days

Lomo wise, my life has been a bit slow. Not from late of trying, I carry the Lomo fisheye with me in my bag. I like this camera but I don't love it. Maybe that will come with time.
Earlier this week a Leica copy arrived. This camera is in itself a thing of beauty. It really is a Zoki 1-E that has been dressed up in pretty clothing. She looks stunning. If she never takes a photo, I don't care. If I had a china cabinet I would keep this camera in there. She is dressing in brass with wood panelling. Someone but the Luftwaffe symbol on the top but of course this is just nonsense. No german officer had a gold coloured camera.
I am almost frightened to touch this.

Built in 1954, she was probably redressed in the 1970s or 80s. I would guess the 1980s. I took this Zorki to work and pulled her apart. I worked out how to load the test film (The four corners dark house film I discussed in the entry below) and put it all back together. I worked out the lens, but for the life of my I don't know the rest of the controls. **Sigh** I can see the shutter speed dial, but there is another two dials I don't know the use of.
Zorki 1-E In fancy clothes

Oh well I am sure David will be able to help me.

It is a range finder but the finder window is dim and dark. I will need lots of practise to make any useful image. :-(

At central recently I did some random Lomo with the fisheye, but probably got me in most of them so **Fail**
The Lomo fisheye II had a fixed shutter speed and a fixed aperture. F/8 and 1/100sec. Thats it. The only thing I can change is the ISO. And of course this required a film change.

My and a fish eye

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