Monday, April 11, 2011

INteresting film

Well, probably only interesting to me
Two interesting films

The first is a high ASA B&W I of course have not picked up my last B&W film... I need to ring them and get them to post it to me. I am not going to drive there I don't think.

This one expired in 2008 so its ASA will be somewhat less than 3200.. I hope to get some inside shots with it. We shall see.

the other is an ASA variable film. Its a slide film, so I will be reserving it for my 10QS instead of wasting it on a toy camera. Unless I am inspired otherwise. I am not really happy using the 35mm back on the Diana, I am finding the guessing rather tough. Hmm I need to finish that film.
Have no had the time to touch any camera recently. :-(

So really, that is all.. :-9

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