Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lost films developed on Wednesday

Horse on Mystery Kodacolor-X
A horse on the Kodacolor-x c-22 film, this is the best exposure but I put three up on Flickr.

The surprise was the ilford FP3 that gave an odd colour in the scans two little kids in a back lane/yard. Cute. Film was sourced from the UK so I will assume that is where they were taken

Lost children on UK Ilford FP3

Lost children on UK Ilford FP3

Lost children on UK Ilford FP3

Came across a camera "electric eye" from canon that I was reading on. It has no manual settings. A person told me that he takes awesome night shots with it but for the life of me I cannot see how! This goes for the canon T 50 as well

Ack how to I set the shutter speed??? EEK
But with a automatic winder you can get awesome 1.4fps and BEFORE you snort in derision... Remember entry level digitals are 3 fps...and this is film

Cool 1.4FPS.

Right home soon for more sleepzzzzz

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