Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trip to parramatta

David had bought me a hairdressing voucher to take care of my damaged tresses. The desert had not been kind and I had not had time to get to the salon. That, and my hairdresser closed up shop. So I made the trek to Parramatta. I packed light. The canon AE-1, a Box brownie ( with film) for Tim, who said he may come down from the wild west a soldier's camera and an ikonta 520/18

I arrived at parramatta with an hour to spare and so shot a roll of film or two. I was using the ikonta as I had found a roll of film in it. The chrome film in the AE-1 was also finished. It was a lot of fun learning to use the vest pocket camera. :-) it is so tiny.
I had finished the Starlet Verichome film earlier that morning.

St Pauls (?) parramatta

David joined me for the trip home and upon arrival I set to work developing the ikonta and the starlet film.

I did 8 minutes on the mystery ikonta film and it was under developed. I got nothing from it. :-( I was bummed at myself. The starlet film ( 1969 expired verichrome) developed nicely in 16 minutes of used developer. Who said you cant use it twice.
Hung both to dry and went to bed.

Campbelltown Station

This morning, I scanned the starlet film then headed to the post office.
In the mail was one kodacolor II from another state in Australia with a 35mm canister that may have film in it and a sealed from the factory ilford film. I wanna get into that canister..In another parcel fron the UK, was an ilford film. An FP3" hmm 1960's?

I spent the afternoon developing both films. I mixed up a 350ml batch of fresh caffenol with 50g of iodine salt and added it to last night's developer.

Started with the kodacolor II c-22 film. 11minutes at 21C with 16 minutes fixing as I was using old fixer.

C-22 going to try 11minutes at 21c

It turned bright red when I pulled it out. Hmm 16 minutes was too much and I am unsure as to what is going on with this film. Well, I got photos. Hanging it up, inrecycled the Salted developer and dunked the Ilford into it, 16 minutes at 21C and 12 minutes used fixer. Again photos. Cool but maybe 20minutes would have been better

Camera of the week is the vest pocket "soldier's" camera, it's small and cute. Trouble is I a, running out of 127 film. :-(

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