Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I have been doing

Well, not all that much. Tim came over for his birthday, bring two films for developing, SO I made him develop a film himself. As it was cold and I didn't have three 1L bottles I didn't tackle the E-6. Easier in winter to drop it off at the professional lab.

Although for speed I had to load his film onto the de wooing spool, all went well. I buttered up and didn't give him 500l of liquid, resulting him having a stripe on his film. OOPS but he had images and made with coffee. He seems happy....

Due to time constraints, we left the film to dry in my bathroom and he left for home.

I have managed to develop a c-22 film, not too clear, the film was very dark :-( almost unusable Still, in most frames there was an image-

Lost Roll Starlet

Lost Roll Starlet

I also received a bill for my last commercial processing of b&w film of $113!!! Screw that. I can do as well so I am only going to send E-6 and even that may stop.

I have decided my next challenge is wine developing. I have a great recipe that I wish to try and two bottle of Shiraz. As i hate shiraz this will not a great loss. :-) to save the wine comment below and I'll trade for something cheaper.

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