Thursday, July 7, 2011

I took the Hawkeye out ship hunting.

As stated on my personal blog (July 4 entry I went ship hunting. The US navy was in town and are leaving in the 9th. You can read it there.

ANYWAY I had taken the B'&W film out of the Hawkeye Ace Deluxe... (See previous post) and re-loaded it with my hand rolled colour Kodak Portra. I wanted to test my rolling skills and if this film was ok after its misshandling. Hahaha I am not very gentle.

Anyway here are the results. the light leaks were most likely caused by me as I carried ou of the camera.

HMCS Ottawa

USS McCampbell

HMAS Newcatsle

USS Fitzgerald

You can see where I have just not covered the film as I took it out and the light has seeps in (It was a hot winter's day)

the leaks got all the way to frame one Below

Hawkeye Test Film

But the test is a success the camera works (for a cereal packet freebie) and the film works fine. I just need to take more care in carrying it.

To the John Vegas, the guy getting a few rolls, take care of the pre- and post- loading of the film, it will leak like this, use in tin foil or a adapted film container.

Oh and LMK your address!!

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