Monday, September 19, 2011

a care package arrives

ah big boxes in the mail and nowadays a rare thing. MI am under heavy fiscal restraints for my own good, but on occasion, I can still get what I call a care package. They used to be more frequent but now things gather for 2 months or more before I can afford to post them to me.

This box was mostly film. polaroid film. There were sales at the Impossible project and I managed to grab some before they were sold out. Now of tis O received a 10 pack of spectra film. This was advertised by impossible as Soft focus with an impossible cover...

Well I opened a package.. and what faced me was one of the last batches of real polaroid spectra film.
Spectra film was the last ever film to be made by polaroid.. the very last batch expired in October 2009, and there in my house was 10 boxes of this last batch. How cool!! I shot two photos before putting it away. Oh what a difference real polaroid is to impossible. I am sure that they will improve but this 2009 film is fantastic. Of course the spectra system was waiting in the care package for me as well :-) what a great Polaroid..

I discovered a polaroid reporter and a EE100 essentially Identical cameras but one was really marketed to journalists... Hmmm

The big thrill in a historical way was the polaroid Big Shot. Produced from 1971 to 1973 only, this cult camera was made famous by Andy Wahol, who used it to record the 1970s. His portraits are famous (of course)
I bought this camera as a parts only camera, it cost $15 and to my great delight, it's perfect and even came with a box!!

I had forgotten to buy flash this bad boy an wait until solstice.
Hidden in the big shot box was a No2 folding brownie with beautiful red bellows. Also a parts camera, this lovely old lady nestled quietly next to her plastic protector. Trust me, it was a challenge getting her out.
Coaxing her away from the Big Shot, I inspected this 106yr old camera. Even discovered a film in the back. Shutter works and this camera is in excellent condition. Super bargain at around $20.

This camera, like the big shot, was only made for a very short time. In her Case 1904-5 she was replaced in 1906 by the pocket automatic.

I am giving away my 600 polaroid cameras and only had one left when a colleague gave me one as a present. OF course this one I will have to keep but all my others are up for grabs. I only have a pack of b&w film which I am saving for Jenny. Her pack of first flush was a disappointment as she got the partly missing photos and two coming out together.. I had the same issues with a different 600 cam and hence I know it is the film packs. :-( If I can find impossible's later films at a reasonable price I may get some for her for xmas.

That reminds me, that Ben probably would love a pack too....

Next is a mamiya C3 body only. Whilst I am good at sourcing parts for cameras, this has me stumped. I cannot find a none fungus lens for under $100 :-( still I'll keep looking

Made from 1962-1964 it's still a modern contender in the medium format Market. This is a professional body, the c2 being the amateur one. By the end of the tlr mamiya run, the c330 and the c220 had blended together somewhat.

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