Monday, September 19, 2011

Quiet lull continues

Spare Mamiya RB67 body arrived on friday the 22nd. It was $65 and it's in fabulous condition. I am totally thrilled with it. Also in the box was a spare back for the Mamiya in use and it was just in time. Again a used part looking unloved or as Michael Raso calls them Beaters... It worked a charm. Again thrilled.

Photography had been slow, I have been unmotivated and without Tim coming over with some old 1960 film, I probably would have achieved nothing at all.

1960 White House. President Eisenhower's helicopter arriives (Or leaves) as you can see some rather cool shots appeared. They all belong to Tim so I'll leave him to upload them.

I did take the mamiya to Kiama where it was used in Gale force winds and sea salt. :-( talk about needing a clean. Something I need to get on too tomorrow.

Did a stock take of my film supply.. And need to use more 135 film.. Or trade it for 120. Any takers??

Film stock take

Polaroid 95A
Also in the mail was a Polaroid 95a in mint condition it's a shame that, to me, it has to undergo surgery but as roll film no longer exists ( though I do have two rolls) I can convert it to 120 film. The other beastie that arrived is HUGE..
I am tempted to convert the Polaroid 800 to 70mm film but this is a dying format. I have managed a 30ft roll for my two 116 cameras and I will use some in the Box brownie 3 that took 124 film ( even bigger) but to perform surgery for an almost dead format would be cruel, so another for the 120 knife.
Polaroid 800this camera came in a nix compete with a wink light, a

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