Saturday, October 22, 2011

I was inspired to find out

Today's weapon

About my canon A-1s today . I was sitting my car, 4 hours before a store I needed was opening, when I dug out the a-1 that has been in the boot and go for a wander. I found it was loaded with Kodak Tmax 3600 and so that's what I Payed with. I tried to think in b&w remembering it would be a grainy film. I meandered around Rushcutters bay park when I was inspired to find out when my camera was made. I also have a sister camera but that is loaded with film currently so this will have to wait.
Canon a-1 with damaged AV guard ( my bring everywhere camera)
Serial number 1577350 - no help there...
Code V946F aha..
V Is canon's code for 1981 and the a-1's dropped the 0 on the months so this camera was built in September 1981. AND as it ends in F it was built in the Fukushima plant.
It's sister has a serial number of 2061660, it's code is TBA but I am guessing it is later 1981-3 possibly
The Lens on both cameras are 50mm. I did buy a zoom lens for my son to use but that is not with me ATM..
Two FD 50mm lensLens 1- 50mm f/1.8 black mount. Range f/1,8 to f/22 and frankly the better of the two ...(IMO)
Code X1014 - X being canon for 1983 this lens was built October 1983 happy birthday lens!! You are 28years old this month...
Lens 2 50mm f1/8 silver twist mount. Range f/1.8 to f/16 S.C. Which just means special coating.
Code P602- P is 1975!!!! S this one was built June 1975 and hence is not built for the a-1, it's an AE-1 lens.. Cool. So this one is 36 years old and still working as the day it was built.
Lens 3 35mm f/3.5 Silver twist mount S.C. Range f/3.5 to f/22
Code R800 - R is 1977 so built August 1977
Lens 4 75-200mm Zoom Lens. Bought from PhotoReisel, the only one of my collection that I bough retail. Range f/4.5 to f/22
Code Y802- Y being 1984 making it my NEWEST lens :-)  Built august 1984. I paid a heap for it as it has a marco function..
Lens 5 35-70mm Macro Lens. Black Mount. Range f/3.5 to f/22.
Code X301. X=1983 Built March 1983 :-) This one came with a T50.

USA T50 has a code of HC1133.. This is Puzzling.. I dont' know what to make of the double letter.
So the code started from 1960 with A and worked its way to Z in 1985 where it started again in 1986 with A.
A 1960.    N 1973
B 1961.    O 1974
C 1962.    P 1975
D 1963.    Q 1976
E 1964.    R 1977
F 1965.    S 1978
G 1966.    T 1979
H 1967.    U 1980
I 1968.    V 1981
J 1969.    W 1982
K 1970.    X 1983
L 1971.    Y 1984
M 1972.   Z 1985
And repeat from 1986 onwards.

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