Saturday, November 5, 2011

Been comparing

I have had the opportunity to use a Nikon for the first time in my life. My friends know that I am a Canon girl but only by default as my husband was the dedicated Canon guy with an existing system so I inherited his cast offs.. hence I use Canon.

ANYWAY I received a broken Nikon FE2 film camera. The Mirror would not return to its position after a shot, the shutter wouldn't open at all at any speed except bulb, so I got it very cheap with a nikon 50mm lens (YAY). I took this camera and the defective Rollei 35 to the camera doctor. I had to pick up the AE-1Program anyway.

Fabian was happy to get his AE-1P back but stuck with my A-1 huh. fickle kids.. So I had the guy look at the Nikon. He laughed, put in two batteries and handed it back with a $10 bill. WHAT!! I got a nikon for next to nothing due to the lack of batteries. THAT is so cool!! The Rollei, on the other hand has stripped winder gears, so you can test it and all works well, but as soon as you put a film in it, it will not roll on the film. ARRGHHH Lets hope its cheaper than the AE-1P repair. That camera needed a new AE unit. UGH.

So the Nikon was now my camera for the weekend as Fabian was not giving up the canon..
As we wanted to go home with David, Fabian and I wandered around Hyde Park shooting in Black and White. We both had a good time and we headed home happily.
I was surprised at the Nikon, I found it almost impossible to get the Film door open, I had to download the manual to even find this out, It doesnt have exposure lock that the canon had and so I left it in Aperture priority mode for the weekend. I nearly switched to my canon. BUT that would be giving up..

I spend the weekend with the Nikon. It grew on me and I was amazed I got the results I did, considering I was not used to this camera.

Would I convert?? No. Will I sell the Nikon?? Not yet, I want to play with it more. Will it be a daily camera like the canon?? No. The canon is chunkier and makes a more satisfying click, I can buy a canon FD/FL lend for under $20 and this makes it perfect for children learning photography. There are many many bodies under $50 there are more modes so the learner can go from Full Auto to full manual step by step just like digital. The Nikon cannot do that.
Nikon says its lens are backwards compatible, but modern lens do not work on the film bodies. People pay a premium to get a nikon lens only to find they dont work as advertised. Try to find a working nikon lens for under $50..

Was fun :-) And I am glad I have a nikon, I can say I have tried the dark side...

Nikon Sample Roll
Nikon Sample Roll
Nikon Sample Roll
Nikon Sample Roll
Nikon Sample Roll

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