Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revolog Film #1 Texture

Before I start, I bought these at great expense to myself. I received no discount or anything from Revolog or any subsidiary so I shall say as I please. They are mine after all..

Thoughts. My first thought was €7.00 for 12 exposures... this is a damned expensive film.. I am not including postage form germany I bought the package of all the films as I wanted to try them all once (See previous post about Revolog's film stock.) The package is €52 or $64AUD plus €16 so a total cost of €72 or $88.90AUD. Making this the most expensive film in my collection. Put all that aside and lets put this in the Camera.

I chose (For some reason) a Nikon FM. I also had a canon 50mm f/1.8 with adapter on the camera. Being a canon user, I do not know why I didn't choose my usual test camera the Ae1-Program. SOO here is the test bed..

Nikon FM camera and Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens

and the film after the session.
One down 8 more to try

ALAS I made mistakes and Don't worry I have a spare texture to re-shoot just to be fair. OK me and ferrania film don't like each other.. and this film gives odd results. I find the ferrania is unforgiving of a manual camera. But I have to say I LIKE the texture idea. As you underexpose the image, the texture bubbles show up and really start becoming distracting. This film is NO GOOD for night shots as I found out. Day time only. (Yes its asa 200 but I do shoot at night too with all films) This film is unforgiving is under exposure. Very. More forgiving of over exposure. I like the effects on houses and buildings, and flowers work surprisingly well too. Alas my set up was not perfect so I buggered up my shots, not as sharp as I would like to shoot but what did I expect from a franken camera. I promise next time nikon lens, nikon camera. But look past that and look at the film.

Revolog Texture Trial
I rather like this, the texture is there and rather adds to the photo

Revolog Texture Trial
Again the Texture adds to the photo

Revolog Texture Trial
Inside a Waratah, It wasn't that dark, but the film didn't like it. Cool bubbles though..

Revolog Texture Trial
5am predawn at Sydenham. Hmmm The bubbles dominate! Crap pic anyway but still

Revolog Texture Trial
Early afternoon and the bubbles are starting to take over. If the big bubble wasn't there but a smaller one, it would work better. Oh well its pot luck

Revolog Texture Trial
Early Morning Just after sunrise. Almost no bubbles!!

The other issue that arose was, it is confusing to the photo lab. They see the bubbles and freak out. WARN them!
For all the Lomo fans out there, this is a fun but VERY expensive 12 exposure film. If you are wanting a fancy pants film for a summer's day BBQ this this is your film. If you want to use a fancy film at dusk or overcast or anything other than sunny 16 forget it. The texture is overwhelming and obliterates the image.

Would I use this again?? If I found some of special?? YEs sure, if I was in the mood to be silly.. Australia has heaps of sunny days.. but most likely I wont be getting lucky after my back up texture roll is shot. Think I'll save that film for the Tulip festival.

You can buy revolog from from their web site. Postage to OZ and the USAis  €16 I hope cheaper to Europe. This cost is even for ONE FILM so buy a bulk pack.

Next film is Teslar1stay tuned

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