Monday, January 23, 2012

Nikon EM

This is a beginner's level SLR. It was avaliable from 1979 to 1982 the same time as the Canon T series. (Same level SLR)


This camera's main problem was it was designed and marketed to women who sneered at the cheapness and were insulted by the implication that they needed a dumbed down camera with no manual mode. So it was a flog as was canon's t80.

This camera looks cheap but is actually extremely sturdy. More so than its T80 rival. None of my T50, T70 T80 have survived time, the battery compartment failing to pieces. This camera has no such issues. Nikon making their camera from Copper/aluminium body.

The original cost was $231 and came with its own series of lens. The E series.

EM stands for Electromechanically controlled and the camera needs a battery to function fully, BUT !! If you have a flat battery, it will fuction at 1/90th of a second, its flash sync speed. Other than that, there is no manual mode.

The viewfinder is resonably dim due to nikon using a cheap prism.

Any shutter speed lower than 1/30th of a sec, will cause the camera to beep at you, its telling you about handshake but will still take the shot. It also has an exposure conpensation function which reduces the shutter speed to allow two stops increase in exposure. You can always change the film speed to trick the camera into taking your chosen exposure.  


If trying to choose a beginner SLR and you have Nikons in your house, buy this. Mine cost $30 and it's in excellent condition. It's a superior product to the canon of the same features and much cheaper. A great point and shoot as long you are happy with a fully auto camera. That's my biggest complaint, but then anyone even a child can hold this. The e series pancake 50 mm it's small and light so children find this easier to use then the canons. I feel this camera is greatly under rated and should be more loved than it is in the market

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