Monday, January 9, 2012

Revolog films what are they?

Revolog films

Yes yes treated films to get funky lomo effects. But what are they originallly.. Lets find out...

Texture. Designed to add a bubble effect on the film. Its  €7 per 12 exposure roll. Code on the film 013981 - Ferrania Colour film.

Lazer - Designed to create blue/ green lines through the picture. Randomly. €7 for 36 exposure.. better value depending of course on what you are after Code 014034 Another Ferrania film.

Volvox - Green sprinkles and dots. you get a choice of 12 exposures €7 or 36 exposures €8.50 same code as Lazer so same film.

Teslar 1 - Blue flash effects. €7 for 12 exposures Same code as Texture.
Teslar 2 - Redish flashes €7 for 12 exposures. Same code as Texture.

Rasp - coloured lines through the film €7 for 36 exposures
Kolor - Multi colours appearing randomly in the photos. €8.50 per 36
600NM - Pictures with a slightly blueish, greenish to reddish effect  €8.50 for 36 exposures
450NM - Colour changes from blue/violet to yellow/green €8.50 for 36 exposures all these have the code same as for Lazer.

Green Werra

Mind you these are boutique films. They have treated these films to give you the special effects and I have yet to run them through a camera. I am in no way judging the product just interested in what the base film was.

I will have some fun with these if I can find the time to play. The 12 exposures will be first as I like short films hence my long for medium format.  BUT of course it costs the same to develop whether you do it at home or in the lab, there is no cost difference and hence, 12 is actually more expensive.

In other news A green werra turned up. It has a stiff shutter and this annoys me as it was advertised as working.

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