Monday, January 9, 2012


Its occurred to me that cataloguing my cameras may be a good idea. DER you all say. You have so many, you need a way to keep track of them all.
True but what?

Well Kevin of @egaeus fame on IG suggested Bento and I found TMI and MyStuff2 as alternatives. ATM I chose to use TMI as, although Bento is good, TMI is set up for 90% of what I would catalogue. The jury is out atm... NONE of these apps are cheap. SO I drew the line as downloading all three.

TMI has a slick interface BUT the date seletion is annoying. It doesnt pop up correctly. aside from that, (I dont rememeber purchase dates anyway) its a nice app.

TMI app

I tried to store my used cameras in a pelican case but my husband thinks my digital stuff should go in it. Trouble is, my digital stuff travels with me in the overhead locker and this new case is far too big for such a job. SO it would be a domestic bag only. I dunno what to do. I really want my pretties in a nice case. All protected and cared for but still used and easily accessable. This presented another problem.. How to store my other pretties the not every day ones. ATM in a box but I need to buy those anti humidity bags. ALSO need to source the perfect size to sort lens in. Low humidity sachets in that too.

Trying to find a new home for my favourites

I have now three lens with mould. All three are sitting in the sun now. GRR and one was bought from a shop here in sydney. If I could find the receipt I would return it. Then again its been 3 months? and YES I should have done a proper look at the glass. Lesson learned. Well all are isolated from the collection.
The ones that dont fit

I did have a few photo expeditions, but mostly not whole rolls of film. A werra turned up late december and I have been having fun with that, but still a roll shy of developing. Grunt.

Have two rolls in my bag awaiting developing.. I just need time and motivation at the same time.

This werra is a work of Eastern European art. Its just a stunning camera to behold.


NEW YEARS came and went. I did a heap of digital photos of the fire works as I felt that film would be a waste as the settings change each year and I didnt want a roll of blank film (again) Prior to midnight, I used a roll of film with the AE1-Program Tim gave me and a beautiful F1.4 lens. Its lovely just to look at.

End of year Camera.

Ae1program all tuckered out.

Used the roll up before 2350hrs and headed for the fire works.

Darling Harbour Fireworks

From the 1st I did no film. Not by choice, but no time. Back to it soon!! I miss using the Canons and my werra.

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