Saturday, January 28, 2012

Revolog Teslar 1 film

Surpirsing film. As stated in the film wins blog, its not a portrait film. I took her advice and stayed away from people subjects. As with the tecture film, my biggest issue with this film is cost. Its a bloody expensive film. Its 12 exposure, its €7.50 per roll plus the outrageous postage cost. ALSO to develop a 12 expoure film, it costs as much as a 36. Its ferrania. I know most people love ferrania but I don't. I border on loathing for ferrania. Its yellow. No matter what camera I use, what settings or light avaliable, its yellow and I have to change the white balance. ALL this aside. This is a damned fun film. You know you will get lightning so you try to find subjects that will suit the bolts. Of course you do not know where the bolts will be. And as with the exture film, the more under exposed the brighter the lightning bolts.
Revolog Teslar 1 Film
This worked surprisingly well as the bolts followed the web
Revolog Teslar 1 Film
St Marks. Soft focus with Canon lens on Nikon cam
Revolog Teslar 1 Film
Soft focus with canon len and Nikon cam
Revolog Teslar 1 Film
had to correct the horrible yellow cast. The bolts look cool here.
Revolog Teslar 1 Film
Vaby's near the station
Revolog Teslar 1 Film
Doesnt work as well without a building or object to attract focus. The bolts seem lost here
2012_01-18 (1)
The Woolshed
Would I use this again. No. Unless they make a 36 or 24 exposure film, its too specialist. You need to shoot outside and avoid shots of people. It just looks weird, check out the Film Wins blog for her opinion. If you have a friend who loves lomo and fun films, make sure they try this.

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  1. i understanding you correctly that you bought the film with the lightning bolts exposed on it already? If so It seems to me that you could get one of the lightning makers at a "Spencers" or even Walgreens sells them i think for pretty cheap. All you would do is set the camera up on a tripod and shoot the roll full of the bolts against a black background and then rewind the film and shoot the roll like you normally would....what a great post and what a great idea...i am going to try and find one for myself and experiment a little with it.