Monday, March 12, 2012


Found a man in Flickr with the most awesome collection of cameras here are a few from his collection....

Pentacon Penti
This is stunning. Alas it takes special cartridges.
Pentacon Penti
Even more lovely but I have not found an Oxblood one. :-(
Voltron Star Shooter
Just how cool is this!!
Star Wars Episode I Picture Plus Image Camera
for geeks
Dick Tracy
I have one of these, its the forerunner of the Sprocket Rocket
Wollongong Station
Wollongong Station at Night Taken with 1898 camera
I was trying to participate in Take your camera to Work day (Feb 29th) but due to my hours I was only able to take one shot. SO When I had a chance, I took two at my husband's work. :-) I even guestimated the reciprocity failure. :-) Total win.

David took me to Douglas park Weir where I used this Old camera for shooting Velvia. I have yet to soup up my E-6 chemicals.  I took some photos of a barn that caught my eye. I see this barn everytime I drive past.  I took two shots them realised that I have overexposed the shots :-( When I developed the shots, I thought at first at it was all black. DISPAIR!! But when held up to the light the image was there WIN!!
David and I shot a silhouette of a passing Endeavour. I, of course had to use the Graphlex. SO I had 6 minutes to set up. I could of hand held but it was far easier to use the tripod.

Otherwise I have been super quiet with camera. I am essentially penniless so that encourages me to stay good. Sigh. Luckily the weather has been shit. Saturday and Sunday was lovely and blue. Glad we got out.

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