Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Its been a month

and although I did get a week away with my husband, it rained and so I did only one roll in that time. STILL Some exciting things have happened to me..

1stly.. My husband bought me the new 5D mark 3. Yes my beloved 7D was traded in for it but damn!! Its the most generous gift SINCE the 7D at xmas 2009. My poor 7D had been lapped many many times, and probably due for replacement. She was used a lot at air shows and hence a high shutter count. It was pristine through. I never dropped or scratched it so it was a bargain for someone. The trade in price was generous so, I got me a new working cam. In appreciation, I have bought D a present (now worth as much but I think he will like it)
SO a loving goodbye to my 7D, you helped me capture many moments and even got me published a few times. I will miss you.
                      Sumatrian Tiger

                      David on the Buzzsaw

                       Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

But this new beast.. Alas the day after I received it, I fell ill with the flu and was too sick to get out of bed and hence missed christening my 5D3 at the Canberra Airport Open day.
Ah well...She sits and waits...

                                My New Camera

I had taken the Canon AE-1Progam with me but have been too lazy to develop the films. I will get there...

On April fools day I took up the solargraphic mantel. I actually sat down and drank a guinness so I could make a camera out of the can.  I mounted it on the carport, but now everyone thinks its a bomb of somekind. :-( I made a new one last night to be mounted much higher.

Solargraphic camera mounted

I stupidly accepted a day in at work and whilst I was working a pinhole came to the house.
Another handcrafted piece of art from Cezary Bartzcak this time I got it from his Etsy store, allowing my to personalise the camera. This is the second of his cameras I own. The first being a 4X5 pinhole with an aperature of 200 and the new one being aperture of 300. wow... SO glad David rigged up a receprocity spread sheet for me..

                                 6X18 pinhole camera

His website has all his cameras listed so by all means have a look. I have comverted many Instagrammers to these pinholes..

              6x18 pinhole

I should get on with film developing.. I just can't find the mojo to be bothered.. Sigh

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