Friday, May 11, 2012

Some fun cameras

I havent had much social time. :-( I have been trying to find the time to soup up E-6 chemicals but PJ day after PJ day has left me flat. I have been menaing to change some canegs too but of course no time for that either.
STILL there are some fun cameras that are waiting for attention.
Life is just too busy for words. Hopefully Monday is the last funeral I have to go to for a very long time. It suxs majorly as the funeral of a baby is the single worse thing in the world. I cry at the thought of it. :-(

Cigar Box Pinhole Camera

Fun with instant film and the Pinhole cigar box

The back of the cigar box

Thsi camera is a lot fo fun. No waiting I can relax and play and see my results. Its is so refreshing. I am not sure of the f stop but I am guessing f180 as my f/200 was overexposed... I will keep playing and get a more acurate aperture.

photo from
This is a canvas from the instacanvas company. They do spam a bit with all the emails. But looking at their work, its quite good. I usually use cancas pop and they are on par. Canvas pop has discounts and that sways me in that direction, but Intsacanvas has other artists. If buying my own work, I'll use Canvas pop but if I want the the work of others then I'll happily use instacanvas.
Yashica 126 camera. Bummed about this as I have sold my last 126 catridge
Disappointing that I wasnt paying attention. I would never have bid on a camera that I cant use no matter how cheap. :-( I had its flash and even some bulbs. Very disappointing. I could drill it and bodgy up the cam to use with 135...
Clicks version 1 and 2
Have a click 1 in average-poor condition and a Click 2 in great condition. Thinking of selling these....
Argus C3 version VI Colormatic
Not a new camera just one I need to use the film in it. I need to jut get out and shoot. Shame I cant rememeber what film is in it..

Free Book from

recycled Impossible project Box. Now a pinhole cam
This is Great! Its a recycled Impose project film box, loaded with BW400cn. I can wait to shoot this.
Cute 135 film pinhole cam

This little cam is great!! It has a magnetic Pinhole and you can change it easily to a zone plate. I have never shot a zone plate, so I may give this a try with a 12 exposure film. The pinhole is f/200. I'll probably load this and shove it in my bag.
Comes with all this and a zone plate
Have some hald made pinhole cams but need the husband's dremmel .......

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