Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its been a while between drinks

I have been using my cameras, rarely but when I can. DUe to the inability of my being able to afford commercial processing of any colour film, I dug out my e-6 kits and set about processing some slide film.

  Vermeer 6X18 Pinhole camera

I finally developed some films from this camera.. the Vermerr 6X18 pinhole camera, I am thrilled with the results.

Photos from the Vermeer 6X18 Pinhole

Photos from the Vermeer 6X18 Pinhole

Photos from the Vermeer 6X18 Pinhole

it takes 4 exposures but two were the same. The other roll from this camera was C-41 so that will have to wait until I can get 4 bottles for C-41 soup.

the Vermeer 4X5 was also a success.. souped in caffenol for 11 minutes

Vermeer Pinhole 4X5

My pinhole clack was less of a success but that was more user failure rather than the camera itself.

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the experiment continues..

the experiment continues..

the experiment continues..

I haven't got the f/stop quite right. I was guessing at f/200 but I think its higher.. F/220 or F246, Will try again. The last one was me balancing the camera on the fence post so I moved.

I am enjoying Pinhole as its slow and the panoramic views you get are stunning. I am going to wish for a Zero camera one day but in my new economic situation, it wont happen any time soon.

I'll keep souping at home

WHat did arrive and was very exciting was my 35X 50 pinhole camera. Can't wait to develop its film.

Vermeer 35X 50

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