Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not quite what I expected..

So I went to deliver the Spinner 360 rolls to the lady who said she would scan panorama negatives. I asked about including the sprockets as they are a part of the whole photo.. and she looked oddley at me. I am on the hunt as the Lomography delaer is on holidays until the 20th and I need my photos NOOOOOOOWW
SO I gritted my teeth and left them with her. Least I will see most of the photos.
ANYWAY the roll I did in the canon 10QS had a lot of failures but I expected that I was thrilled with some multiple exposures
Xmas Day

Money exchanges hands
Money exchanging hands in the driveway??

Drue and David
the boys bend space

and some fun ones of my friends

Suspicious grins
Just look at their cheeky grins
 which made me laugh out loud on the train

My lovely smena keeps going.. as the counter doesn't work, I am just waiting for "feel" the end of the roll. Damn it!! How long is this roll!!!! It keeps going I wanna use a redscale film...
anyway here are some others from the fuji film int he canon
my house and an extra treeSunrise Douglas ParkPicton with Overhead..

Tawny frogmouth in the tree
My Goodness!U r doing THAT! In public!OH! too funny!!

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