Monday, June 27, 2011

oooo over a week I am getting bad..

Sorry Y'all.. Mind you I think my only follower will notice when she returns from the UK . HI CHRISSIE


I received a Hawkeye Ace Deluxe ooo the deluxe.. you say..
Well the little information in the net ias the same crap regurgitated over and over.. But no one has looked into it. Well I was inclined to believe the references to this camera being made in one year 1938 until one lady has har Grandmother's one in its postal packaging and it is post marked 1937. soooo It was made in at least two years.

It was made in the Harrow Factory in the UK ONLY and was given away with comics

The mighty hawkeye ace deluxe!! 1937/8 mini camera made in the UK.

It had a card box and the rest s the shutter assembly mounted to wood.

The mighty hawkeye ace deluxe!! 1937/8 these cameras were mostly promotion

Kodak had these as premium line cameras and hence alost no records were kept, at least they didn't appear in catalogues.
I have no idea of the aperture or the shutter speed and it seems no one else does either SOOOO As it is a box camera made by Kodak, I will make te assumption of f/13 (Although the hole looks small) and a shutter speed of 1/30th. I have put a Efke 100 film in so lets work with that.

Time to load up this bad boy... #mini #film #boxcamera #filmcamera #kodak #camera #film #cameraporn

Oh and it has these fancy film guide rails... Snazzy..

Oh and the deluxe? Means I got lugs for my camera strap. YAY!! There were 4 models two with smooth faces and two with rough faces.

the base model (haha) Smooth face and no lugs = Baby Hawkeye
Next up with textured face & No lugs = Hawkeye Ace
the deluxe models were
Smooth face & lugs = Hawkeye
And textured face = Hawkeye Ace deluxe.

The next Box Brownie comes from the UK (As I prefer UK boxes)

This is similar to Orangetim's Box Brownie Model D but his is much older. (1946-1953)
the second type of Model D this one was made from 1953-1957. This model has flash contacts, a striped enamel face and triangular catch at the back Also a tripod mount but not all of this model have a tripod mount

Box brownie model D (Type 2)

Model F

Produced in 1955-1957 (2 years)

Deluxe "Sporty" version of the Model E, it has (As you can see) Tan covering and bras trim. Essentially the same as the Model E

Both are F/11

Box brownie model F

the last one is the Kodak 44A
A plastic camera built between 1959 and 1966, it takes 12 44mm square pictures and this is where the camera gets its name. There was a 44B but this was produced for three years only and in conjunction with the 44A. (sigh why really??)
The 44A had a hard plastic cover (Which annoys me)
It was the first camera to employ a plastic taking lens from Combined Optical Industries Ltd,using "Perspex". Only two stops numbered 12 and 13, to allow some degree of control over the exposure. BUT you can only use during the day :-( I got this camera from Ebay and it has film in it which I am using up to develop. We shall see if the film wasn't exposed before being sent to me.

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