Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have been following the discussion on the flickr caffenol group and they have been arguing about salf the type what to use and what is forbidden etc.. Geez guys mellow out. Plus all they have done is totally confuse me. I know MY recipie works and the one from Reinhold's blog works (well all of his works ) but the other arsehats? Well one guy claims to have invented or copywrited a name FFS. ANYWAY I think I wil unfollow that group. Talk about being anal about stuff. I thought I understood the process and had a good idea of times but now I am not so sure.

Got a lost from from Vision image and Tim's E-6 film. My credit card refused to pay for my two E-6 films so they had to stay behind but i'll get them next fortnight.
I picked up @orangetim 's slide film heeheehee  #film #filmporn #boxbrownie #slide #E-6
Tim's photos taken with his Kodak BoX brownie model C

The 127 lost film yielded one photo.
Mystery Film.

I received the Land camera from the FIlm Photography podcast but the only film I had was 1500 sepia and this just doesn't work in this camera. The 101 only had two settings 100 and 3000 and the sepia is 1500. If I choose 100 I blow out the film and if I choose 3000 its black for underdeveloped. Damn I was all excited but its a no go. I wonder what camera I can use the 1500 sepia in. Ideas??

A stereographic camera arrived from the lovely people at Holga Direct. They tested it before posting it as I have had it with Lomography cameras. You will remember that I didn't like the holga last time and sold it. But this is the only affordable stereographic camera on the market.
My 2nd real holga. The original 120 holga & I did not agree & I sold it. This one is because I can't afford an antique stereoscopic camera.
The customer service from Holga direct is awesome. I do recommend them (And beg for a discount..if you are on twitter but shhh)

Developed three lost films, All blank. But my developer worked wonderfully. That is 6 films in the one batch of caffenol. So not a total loss. beats paying $10 r roll to get blank rolls back.

Been playing with the T50 as the AE-1 is in hospital.

Well may as well make use of the camera.. #t50 #canon #cameraporn #camera #vintagecamera #filmcamera #agfa #Lens
I miss the AE_1P and it looks like it will have to stay with the repair man for ages until my electricty is paid off.
Fucking great.  If you don't hear from me again, you know why. (but most likely won't care) oh well it's been fun

yes you read that. No power for me. **Sigh** This is so depressing I cannot start to tell you. I just cry in the futility of it all. Better to sell my house and move home. I am such a fail right now.

Tomorrow is the closest weekend to 620 day and I am not feeling the excitement I had. I want to shoot 620 but my frame of mind it too dark to shoot anything worthy.

Maybe use the big red No2 #Box #brownie red. These came out in blue, brown, gray, green or Red. Made from 1929-1933 at a cost of $3  cardboard body with metal cad but then I realised I can't as it is 120 not 620.. Hmmm The tourist?

fuck it I'm going to bed whilst I have power for an electric blanket.

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