Thursday, August 18, 2011

finally quiet time

but alas, I have not done much. I had planned to convert my No3 Box Brownie to use the less rare 70mm film. I would love to source 3 1/4inch film but without hacking the camera to pieces to convert to sheet film, this is the next best thing.

Getting film for my No3 Brownie (theory works for 120 in a 116 camera)

I did got out to finsih the film in the No1-A folding camera, but stupdily I left it set at f/64 **Headsmack** so we shall see. Least I get another backingpaper so not all it lost. I will be able to re-spool this to 70mm as well. YAY Least its colour film.

Tired and have a doctor's appointment so off to bed not finshing anything today.

My kodak 1-a and the film I just pulled out of it :-)

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