Friday, December 23, 2011

4 Rolls of film and heaps of mistakes

Got 4 rolls developed recently. One from the canon 1N shows that I was learning the camera. Most are out of ficus until I found the custom menu system and changed the button that uses the auto focus.

Film test of Canon EOS 1N

Film test of Canon EOS 1N

The Canon F-1 film shows where I accidentally opened the back, forgetting that I had film in the camera. Oops but if I had not done this, the roll would have turned out ok.

The last roll was included in a camera I got from Valentine NSW. For some reason it's all blue... But I can see it is the great Ocean Road.

Was a druey's solstice party, and was shooting film. I had the perfect model she was gorgeous. I shot a lot of pics when I realised I had rewound the film as some point and no photos were taken. Do I need time off?? Apparently, yes.

Damn it all? These would have been wonderful. ARRGHHH.

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