Tuesday, December 20, 2011

it continues to rain,..

sigh... and with the lead up to the non optional retail season, I have had even less time than usual to get out.

Dropped off some films at the local film place who informed us that they are shutting up shop. NOOOOO my $5 a roll place closing and becoming a digital processing place is beyond horrible. Time to get my c-41 kit out.. FFS. I will not pay $15 a roll and 2hrs travel for c-41. I just can't.

River Island trip was mostly digital but finished a roll on the Canon 1N.

Need time to upload some rolls. Ugh. can it please be January already??

Photo walk time #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead

a Lens baby arrived in the mail. Very exciting. :-)
Lens Baby!!

ooo and I picked up a cheap nikon.. Plus two lens.. Less than $110 :-)

Nikon FM 1977

and its always exciting to see your own work (esp film work) on canvas.

It's always great to see your work on canvas..

I love parcel days..

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