Thursday, June 14, 2012


Have yet to try this as I had an idea for a short model but my model had to go to work. :-(
Biggest issue for me is slide is the best way to shoot with it but I have no more Scala or if I do, I would have to send it out to the USA for processing. SIGH.. I don't think I have the fortitude to scan 144frames of C-41 or B&W t the computer and splicing 144 frames to a software program.. I woud just use a digital camera for that.


Burning a hole in my bag here..

Also a 4X5 camera came from Italy.. I was rather disappointed in that It is very primitive. OK its a pinhole and you will argue that pinholes are by nature primitve.. BUT if you are selling a supposed professionally made one... then make it professionally finished. I have been spoilt by Cezary in Poland. HIs cameras are consistantly marvellous. He is the most friendly and tolerant person. I even get beautiful plates on mine now as they are all rolling together and I can remember the F/stop of each. (Oh dear)

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