Wednesday, July 27, 2011

its been hard to write

I have even struggle to write in my paper diary, and no, thats not a real personal diary but seems to be morphing into one.. Hmmm.

Well I have taken Cameras out and I have done a shoot. It was pouring with rain. Pouring. BUT Connie was bored being stuck in my shit hole of a house so with the wind and rain, It dawned on my that Kiama blowholes would be going off.

David took us to the lookout, where we got rained on, then HAILED on. :-( Hmmm we hid in the cafe.

Connie hiding from the rain

Heading to Kiama, we saw that the safe Kiama harbour had large waves in it. Lost of surfers now in the normally calm harbour. Well the seas were amazing. We were correct, the blowhole was blowing High spouts of water. Within a second of arriving, my Mamiya and I were drenched in sea water. Awesome, and having to quickly cover the camera with my jacket, I missed the shot. Ah well.

Kiama Lighthouse

Off to the little blowhole for more photography this time with the T80.
At Kiama Blow Hole

Water spouts
Not much else.

I actually have three days off. That two whole days and two half days.

Polaroid 101 is now Fully functional. :-) I got this terrific photo of Connie and David. I gave the original to Connie.
People LOVE getting a polaroid.
David and Connie

Met a man in the airport. He called out to us about the Box Brownie on my table, I had only just pulled it out. :-) I ended up having a chat to him about the Brownie and he told me about getting one as a child. He was very happy and I grabbed the Polaoroid 101 to take his photo but alas it was back lit. Damn it!! Still he loved getting a polaroid and even though this was just a shadowy figure..

Least I made someone's day. :-)

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